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Database «Man of the Year of Vitebsk Region»

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Database «Dvina Region:  history and here and now»

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Database «Artists of Vitebsk Region»

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Database «Afghanistan. Without the right to oblivion»

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Reading Room of German Literature


Leading Librarian  

Mihalchenko Tatyana


(+375 212) 42 51 59




The German Reading Room began its work on July 7, 1998.

The initiator of the opening of the German Reading Room was the Goethe Institute – a cultural organization, dedicated to promoting the German language abroad and expanding international cooperation of culture.

The German Reading Room works on the principle of open access to the fund, and it is very convenient for users. The rich collection of books on philosophy and psychology, religion and sociology, politics, economics, history and law is in the disposal of readers. The books on pedagogy, language and literature, fine arts, architecture, design, country study are in high demand. In addition, there is a fund of children's literature and collection games, consisting of 36 educational and language games.

There is over twenty magazines and newspapers for amateurs of periodicals.

The German Reading Roomoffers a collection of art videos, video tours on lands and cities of Germany.

Readers can find a selection of tests to check the language skills, teach-yourself books, which are accompanied by audio- and video materials and divided by the level of difficulty.

In the Reading Room constantly take place book exhibitions for significant dates, are prepared reviews of new arrivals, and are held different events for schoolchildren and students learning German as a foreign language.