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A Creative Meeting with the Comedian Poet Mikhas Mironovich

On February 6, a creative evening of our fellow countryman, comedian poet Mikhail Mironovich, took place in the library.

Mikhail Konstantinovich was born on February 18, 1948 in the village Starina of Ushachsky District. He graduated from Velikodoletsky secondary school and Lviv State University. By education Mikhail is a radio physicist. Author of numerous publications in the district, regional and republican periodicals since 1972, as well as one of the authors of numerous collective poetry collections. The first book «Mіranіzm» was released in 2002. Since then, he has published more than a dozen humorous collections. Mikhail Mironovich is a winner of Kondrat Krapiva Literary Prize.

Mikhail Konstantinovich divided his performance into 5 blocks. These are poems, literary parodies, humorous prose, translations from Polish and Ukrainian, as well as a block called «My Geography», where the writer demonstrated works written during his travels. All present listened humorous works with pleasure performed by the author.

With the most heartfelt thanks and wishes of creative success spoken the journalist and writer Mikhail Konon; chairman of Vitebsk regional branch of the Belarusian Writers Union - Anastasia Lazebnaya and poet Galina Sinyakova.

Participants of the meeting could get acquainted at the book exhibition with the publications of Mikhail Mironovich and articles devoted to his work.


  • Mikhas Mironovich
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    Mikhas Mironovich
  • Mikhail Konon
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    Mikhail Konon
  • Anastasia Lazebnaya
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    Anastasia Lazebnaya
  • During the event
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    During the event
  • Galina Sinyakova
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    Galina Sinyakova
  • The participants
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    The participants
  • Books from the author
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    Books from the author