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Creative Meeting with Anatoly Yezhov

On July 22, a creative meeting with Russian scientist, poet and athlete Anatoly Yezhov, took place in the library.

Anatoly Yezhov is the Head of the International Institute of Management (Arkhangelsk), the member of Russia and Belarus Writers Union, Doctor of Economics, professor, as well as the author of a huge number of books published in many countries around the world.

Anatoly Nikolaevich is a multiple champion of Russia, Europe and World on weight-lifting triathlon according to the international confederation of weight-lifting masters and International Federation of weight-lifting.

The guest told about his Kettlebell Lifting enthusiasm, about lifting weights records on extreme points of the globe and setting new records to the Guinness Book of World Records.

On the meeting to the audience was presented a Movies telling about lifting weights on the top of Aconcagua (Argentina).

Chairman of the Belarusian Federation of Kettlebell Lifting and Power Juggling Masters Vladimir Katashuk appeared with the opening speech.

The participants of the event had the opportunity to hear the Rubaiyat in the author's performance. The author also donated his new books to the library.


  • Librarian Ekaterina Saul
    big image
    Librarian Ekaterina Saul
  • Anatoly Yezhov
    big image
    Anatoly Yezhov
  • Vladimir Katashuk
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    Vladimir Katashuk
  • Participants of the evening
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    Participants of the evening
  • Donated books
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    Donated books