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Historical Popular Science Magazine «Vitsebski Sshytak»

The historical popular science magazine «Vitsebski Sshytak» is yet another attempt to preserve an old tradition set by regional historical periodicals as far back as the 19th century. Popular studies of the history of Vitebsk featured in such periodicals as «Polotsk and Vitebsk Antiquity», «Vitebsk Provincial Journal», and also «Vіtsebshchyna», a Belarusian-language newspaper, the last issue of which was printed in 1928.

The period of 1990s was marked by a rising attention to local history and the recognition of the fact that it must be studied. Those years were also characterized by ascending demand for Belarusian local history knowledge. Vitebsk Regional Local History Museum and Vitebsk Regional Local History Society became the founders of the «Vitsebski Sshytak» magazine with historian Lyudmila Khmelnitskaya being the editor-in-chief. The joint Belarusian-German enterprise «Belwest» became the main sponsor of the magazine. Subsequently, other enterprises and private investors joined «Belwest» in its sponsoring activities. The first issue of the «Vitsebski Sshytak», featuring Vitebsk Jesuit College, saw the day in 1995. The second issue, published in 1996, included articles dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the Union of Brest (1596–1996) and the 400th anniversary of Vitebsk being given Magdeburg rights. The third issue appeared in 1997, highlighting the history of Vitebsk region in the first half of the 19th century. The fourth issue was brought out only in 2000, presenting the history of Vitebsk region on the cusp of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Among the publishing staff were authors from Belarus, Russia, Switzerland, Poland and France. For the first time a lot of documents, personal accounts and works were published in Belarusian.

«Vitsebski Sshytak» is more than just a magazine. It is a remarkable piece of periodical literature, featuring varying aspects of the centuries-long history of the ancient Vitebsk region, which is very popular among historians and local history experts, teachers and students and everyone who are enthusiastic about the history of their Homeland.

Following the consent of editor-in-chief Lyudmila Khmelnitskaya, the electronic copies of the «Vitsebski Sshytak» magazines are published on the site of Vitebsk Regional Library in the section «Virtual Projects and Online Exhibitions».